Hi! My name is Eryk Kowalewicz and this is my brand EKdesign.

I am a student in my 3rd year of Bachelor studies of Computing and Digital Media at GMIT in Ireland.

My biggest interest and passion is Technology, programming, photography and Digital Media, mainly focused on User Interface and Experience Design.

I was learning and studying in 3 different countries with different cultures: Poland, Scotland and Ireland.

In Poland, I was attending 2nd Technical school with Informatics Profile in Wroclaw, where I have revived Cisco IT essentials Certificate in 1st Year.

Then I moved to Scotland, to do a National Certificate in Computing and Digital Media, for a Year. It was the first time where I was able to experience multiculturalism and see many different perspectives on various topics from many people.

Now I am in Galway finishing soon my Bachelor Degree and continue my education in order to receive Bachelor Honors degree.

I was passionate about photography since I was a kid. My parents owned a tape camera that I loved taking pictures with.

Technology has also huge spot in my hear. I am fascinated with various tech news and I love watching conferences from companies like Google, Apple, Samsung etc. Actually this way I can learn whats new in design and Operating systems so I know when I design something for the costumer it will have 100% development guarantee as resources are fully available.

When it comes to UI/UX I like to connect with the costumer and User base. I like to make design that not just look good but also feel and speak to the user. I always try to make it intuitive so the user knows what to do before the app will be opened.

I hope reading this and browsing this website you will inspire yourself and even maybe you decide to cooperate with me.

-Eryk Kowalewicz